Photo of my display at the Classic 24 race in Daytona, booth looks good when you remember to bring lights!!

a facebook friend forwarded this ad to me. An old advertisement from my family's dealership.......

I use a Square to process my credit card transaction but I did not know customers can leave comments that the company then forwards on to me, Here are some recent comments:
"Perfect product / great service"
"Large selection to choose from"
"Steve is the best. Always enjoy seeing what is new."

Gee, Thank you!

Feb 2016
Delivered a drawing to Chad N. while at Daytona for the 24 Hours. If you have been there you might recognize the truck as he is always parked at the dogleg in the infield.

April 2015
Here is a picture of me taking an Audi Driving Experience class at Sears Point Raceway, in Sonoma California. Got to drive a Audi TT, S5 and an R8 at my limits not the cars limits. Won the class compliments of by winning a contest they had in conjunction with Audi.

March 2011
Got home from Sebring and was scheduled for a stress test after experiencing some chest pains. I failed on the spot, suffering a heart attack while on the treadmill. Had a angiogram and some blockages were discovered, two hours later I had a stent installed. Here is a scan of my heart showing one of the blockages. Needless to say I was lucky.

I finally got some seat time in a kart at the Motorsport Country Club of Cincinnati. Had a blast! Raced with fellow car artist Dave Snyder. He had me beat by half a second a lap, but he also was leading in spins, off track excursions and knocked down cones. Will be doing this again REAL soon.